Flamboro Speedway Celebrates 2014 Season And Hall Of Fame Inductees At Banquet By Randy Spencer for Flamboro Speedway

Flamboro Speedway Celebrates 2014 Season And Hall Of Fame Inductees At Banquet

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@FlamSpeedway "A good time was had by all." That was the general consensus after the 2014 Flamboro Speedway banquet, held at the Waterdown Legion January 30th. A large crowd was on hand to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2014 racing season and the third annual Flamboro Stadium & Speedway Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

After a great dinner, I was introduced by Clinton Geoffrey and spoke of the new members to the Hall for 2014, the 19 alumni inducted over the past 2 years and remembered three inaugural inductees that we lost last year; Harvey Lennox, Earl Ross and Ken Stenhouse Sr. I also thanked several people, who without their help the Hall wouldn't be possible. John, Frank and Frankie Casale, John Karley of Georgetown Printing, my daughter Larissa, Mike Schmidt from London Recreational and all the sponsors of the program as well as all those who voted and purchased a program.

Five of six inductees were in attendance or represented by a family member. For me, these banquets are usually a way to meet some of my heroes. Jim Collison is one I've met before but is always great to talk to an a great ambassador of our sport and Flamboro Speedway. Charlie Beck was represented by his wife Georgia. She spoke of how humble Charlie would have been. I've known Georgia for several years and is another great ambassador of racing. Meeting Terry Kitchen, Wayne Keeling and Howie Scannell Sr. was a thrill for me, all great gentleman and outstanding racers. Jack Cook's daughters were unable to attend due to other commitments. Another great success and already looking forward to next year's class of six new inductees. If you are interested in purchasing a Hall of Fame program for 2014, 2013 or 2012, please check the website, http://www.flamborospeedwayhalloffame.com/

Once the Hall of Fame portion of the banquet was finished, we moved right into the track awards portion of the banquet. Many of the 2014 competitors were on hand. Grisdale Racing once again sponsored Grisdale Triple Crown series for Late Models, the 12th annual series. APC Auto Parts sponsored a six race series for Late Models and Thunder Cars between Flamboro and Delaware Speedway drivers. London Recreational once again sponsored Frostfest and all were represented to congratulate the champions and other competitors with their awards. Perfect Attendance awards, Rookies of the Year, Most Improved, Most Checkered Flags, Best Effort, Best Appearing and Most Sportsmanlike awards were also presented. See the full list below. Great job by Clinton Geoffrey as Master of Ceremonies and Frank Casale for all his hard work producing the trophies and plaques. Also thanks to Derek Smith from Racepulse Photos who took some great pictures that are available on his  website, http://www.racepulse.com/

This past Sunday, February 8th, the annual Flamboro Speedway Rules and Registration meeting was held at the Waterdown Legion. A great turnout, looking forward to opening day at the track on April 25th. The annual Swap Meet and practice day is one week earlier on April 18th. Please check the website for all the details, http://www.flamborospeedway.ca/


APC Series – Flamboro Drivers

Late Model

17   Nick Roth
37   David Elliott
23   Jake Ott
2   Rick Burbridge
83   Dale Shaw

    Thunder Car

    89   Shawn Chenoweth
    76   Shawn Arnott
    5   Linda Stenhouse
    33   Mike Gilmour
    8  Steve Perry
    13   Brad Collison
    27   Kevin Albers

      Grisdale Triple Crown Series for Late Models

      23    Jake Ott
      89    Shawn Chenoweth
      74    Al Bowman
      58    Paul Dudnick
      27    Doug Pokupec
      15    Matt Lockwood
      17    Nick Roth
      56    Robbie Thompson
      2    Rick Burbridge
      83    Dale Shaw
      37    David Elliott
      21    Matt Pritiko

        Flamboro Memorial Night Champions

        Pure Stock          32    Gillian Hils

        Mini Stock           71    Russ Aicken

        Thunder Car       02    Mark Burbridge

        Late Model         37    David Elliott

        F-4 Mod               9    Brian Nanticoke

        Ontario Mod      95    Robert Warnes

        London Recreational Frost Fest Overall Winners Pure Stock

        76    Shawn Taylor Mini Stock
        35    Andy Kamrath Thunder Car
        89    Shawn Chenoweth

          Flamboro Championship Point Series

          Pure Stock – Ponderosa Nature Resort

          61   John Mussleman
          3   Andrew Stirling
          57   Chris Longthorne
          48   Steve DeLeeuw
          44   Sam Heiben
          70   Danny Shantz
          00   Bill Rutherford
          07   Michael Kenny/Matt Young
          31   Keara Gallant
          6   Wayde Thorne
          32   Gillian Hils
          76   Shawn Taylor

            Mini Stock – Klotz Auto Repair

            50   Chad Corcoran
            42   Rick Robinson
            97   Blair Wickett
            05   Dave Goodacre
            62   Ashley Holmes
            5   Ken Stenhouse
            03   Jake Gilbert
            01   Mark DaSilva
            61   Chad Ditner
            36   Hudson Nagy
            71   Russ Aicken
            13   Mike Holmes                   (tie)

              Thunder Cars  – Rays Towing

              14    Rob Istead
              8   Steve Perry
              02   Mark Burbridge
              31    Kevin Gallant
              7    Bobby Mercer
              89    Shawn Chenoweth
              49    Dave Bailey
              5    Linda Stenhouse
              33    Mike Gilmour
              76    Shawn Arnott
              27    Kevin Albers
              13    Brad Collison

                Late Models – Grisdale Racing Products

                61   Brent Wheller
                37   David Elliott
                74   Al Bowman
                17   Nick Roth
                2   Rick Burbridge
                83   Dale Shaw                   

                  Late Model First Half Champion

                  89           Shawn Chenoweth

                    Late Model Second Half Champion

                    37           David Elliott           

                      Perfect Attendance Awards – awarded to the Car Owners with perfect attendance who made all scheduled events in 2014, (Frostfest Not Included). Any owner who’s driver received a full night’s disqualification is not qualified for perfect attendance recognition.

                      Pure Stocks

                      6              Wayde Thorne
                      32           Gillian Hils
                      76           Shawn Taylor Mini Stocks
                      01           Mark DaSilva
                      03           Jake Gilbert
                      5              Ken Stenhouse
                      13           Mike Holmes
                      36           Hudson Nagy
                      61           Chad Ditner
                      62           Ashley Holmes
                      71           Russ Aicken

                        Thunder Cars

                        5              Linda Stenhouse
                        7              Bobby Mercer
                        13           Brad Collison
                        27           Kevin Albers
                        33           Mike Gilmour
                        76           Shawn Arnott 

                          Late Models

                          2              Rick Burbridge
                          83           Dale Shaw

                            Rookie of the Year

                            Pure Stock          44           Sam Heiben

                            Mini Stocks         36           Hudson Nagy

                            Thunder Cars     49           Dave Bailey

                            Late Model         2              Rick Burbridge

                            Most Checkered Flags

                            Pure Stock          76           Shawn Taylor (including 6 feature wins)

                            Mini Stocks         13           Mike Holmes  (including 14 feature wins)

                            Thunder Cars     89           Shawn Chenoweth (including 8 feature wins)

                            Late Models       83           Dale Shaw (including 8 feature wins)

                            Most improved Driver

                            Pure Stock          76           Shawn Taylor (8 position gain over 2013)

                            Mini Stock           61           Chad Ditner (9 position gain over 2013)

                            Thunder Car       33           Mike Gilmour (8  position gain over 2013)

                            Late Model         83           Dale Shaw (4 position gain over 2013)

                            Best Effort Awards

                            Pure Stocks        31           Keara Gallant

                            Mini Stocks         36           Hudson Nagy

                            Thunder Cars     31           Kevin Gallant Late Models

                            Best Appearing Car Awards

                            Pure Stocks        32           Gillian Hils

                            Mini Stocks         36           Hudson Nagy

                            Thunder Cars     5              Linda Stenhouse

                            Late Models       2              Rick Burbridge

                            Most Sportsmanlike Driver (as voted by the drivers)

                            Pure Stock          32           Gillian Hils

                            Mini Stocks         01           Mark DaSilva (3 years in a row)

                            Thunder Car       49           Dave Bailey

                            Late Model         2              Rick Burbridge

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