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Dinosaur Downs Season Finale Sept. 30- Oct 1, 2017

Written by  Carol Douglas on Friday, 06 October 2017 09:54

DRUMHELLER, AB (October 6, 2017)- Thunder Over The Valley Season Finale Dinosaur Downs Speedway.

Despite rain warnings and cold winds, the cars and fans turned out for one last race weekend in the badlands.

Saturday we had a great moment when 19 year old Mitch Reneau took his first main event win in his #44 IMCA Modified car. Car owner and dad, Mike Reneau who was driving the #21 Mod in the same event jumped from his car and ran up to proudly congratulate his son. The audience gave a big cheer for this talented young driver, as they too had been waiting for his first main win.

Sunday the track champions were named.

Winner of the 2017 IMCA Modified Dinosaur Downs Speedway Track Championship-
1- # 68 Brian Roode of Brooks , Alberta.
2- #9 Roger Bonneville of Calgary, Alberta
(in his 50 racing year)
3- # 56 Garth Dushanek of red Deer, Alberta.

Winner of the 2017 Hobby Stock Dinosaur Downs Speedway Track Championship-
1- #50 Tim Comeau of High River, Alberta.
2- #2 Chet McCallum of Three Hills, Alberta
3- #77 Rob Ford of Calgary, Alberta.

September 30

A-1 Auto Body Outlaw Legends Dirt Series
Heat 1- 24,82,51,13,4
Heat 2- 13,24,4,51
Main- 24,4,51,13

Hobby Stocks
Heat 1- 3,50,99,17,71,77,98,2,53
Heat 2- 3,17,99,71,50,77,98,53,2
Main- 50.99,17,98,77,71,3

I.M.C.A. Modifieds
Heat 1a- 56,11,68,44,15
Heat 1b- 9,13,21,17
Heat 2a- 68,56,11,44,15
Heat 2b-13,9,17,21
Main- 44,56,11,9,68,13,21,17

October 1

A-1 Auto Body Outlaw Legends Dirt Series
Heat 1- 24,51,17,13,4
Heat 2- 24,13,4,17,51
Main- 24,17,13,4

Hobby Stocks
Heat1- 50,53,3,2,
Heat 2- 50,3,53,2
Main- 50,3,2,53

I.M.C.A. Modifieds
Heat 1- 56,9,13,21,68,11,44
Heat 2- 68,56,9,13,21,44
Main- 56,13,68,44,9,21

From: Carol Douglas


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