South Buxton Raceway - July 15, 2017

South Buxton Raceway - July 15, 2017

Written by  Kerri Wright on Sunday, 16 July 2017 19:10

Merlin, ON (July 15, 2017)- After winning his heat race, Kyle Gill #87 was the Auto Tech Sales and Service Bomber Feature Winner. Gill, who was the front runner for the entire race celebrated his win in style – holding the checkered flag on the roof of his car.

Gill, thanked his family, sponsors and fans for all of their support every week. Carter Pickering #23 brough home second and Chuck Stuart # 9 brought home third.

The Sun Parlour Trailers Sport Stock Feature saw a familiar face in the Winners Circle. Erik Vanderiviere #67 was the Feature Winner. Vanderiviere, who drove an incredible race from the start, gave credit to his crew for the adjustments they made just before the feature. Before leaving to celebrate his win, Vanderiviere put his brother Eren in the hot seat by challenging him to win his next race. Tyler Lozon #66 brought home second and Willie Vyse #2 brought home third.

Saturday night, South Buxton Raceway invited the Street Stock crate cars to the track and boy did they put on a show. Steve Shaw #96 was the feature winner. Shaw, who is a veteran South Buxton racer, was back in the drivers seat showing his fans he’s still got it. At the moment the green flag dropped Shaw took the lead in the fast paced race, which ended with him in the Winners Circle.

“I hope everyone enjoyed the show”, Shaw said.

The fans certainly did. Second place went to Ryan Diwwim #8 who taunted Shaw with a smile saying “ If that (last) caution didn’t come out , I think I would have had him.”

Vince Fargnoli # 90 brought home third, during his interview he became emotional as he lost his mother in law that day and dedicated his third place finish to her. If fans want to see more Street Stock racing at South Buxton Raceway, this class will be back August 26th to put on another show for the fans.

Darryl Hoekstra #36 was back in the Winners Circle after the Schinkels Gourmet Meat Modified Feature Race. An excited Hoekstra was met by excited friends, family and crew members. Hoekstra, who was last week's Mid Season Championship winner thanked his crew members, family and sponsors for all of their support. Justin Mills #6 brought home second and Joe Brousseau #47B brought home third.

Marshall Hereygers #31 was the Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Feature Winner.

Hereygers, who is no stranger to the Winners Circle this year said: “I was glad to see: green, white, checkered” after a caution riddled race finally came to an end.

Hereygers, who began the race in the front row maintained his speed and avoided track traffic to sail right into victory lane. Tim MacKenzie #81, who is also no stranger to the top three brought home second place and Andrew Pfahler #7X brought home third place.

A full mood shone somewhere during the West Side Performance Plus Late Model Feature race. After several cautions and restarts, Jason Haskell RH94 was able to collect his first feature win of the season. Haskell, thanked his family, crew members and sponsors for helping him get to victory lane. Brad McLeod # 11 (driving for Paul Rivait) drove an incredible race and after narrowly avoiding several cautions on the track was able to bring home second place. Gregg Haskell #RH21 brought home third.

Mike Dale #00 had his night cut short during the West Side Performance Plus Late Model Feature. After driving hard into turn #2 with a fellow racer, he unfortunately hit the wall hard. He was able to get out of his car under his own power, but later after his adrenaline subsided decided he required hospital attention.

After being checked out, Dale’s race season will be cut short, as he will be recovering from a Tibia Plateau Fracture. South Buxton Raceway hopes for a speedy recovery and would like to thank track EMS for their speedy response and trackside care they provided to Dale and to all racers Saturday night. 


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